Protocol Kit w/ 3% Accuracy

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The GWNPXX wall mounted gas platform converts gas sensor readings into a signal that is compatible with control systems. To operate, the GWN must be used with a Veris AG Series gas sensor (Sold Separately). The GWN platform has a connector for mounting a single AG series sensor and this sensor can be replaced at any time without removing the GWN from its installed location. Simply remove the GWN cover, replace the AG sensor inside and reinstall the cover (see the installation guide for the AG sensor for more information). The GWN series has multiple output options: this version, GWNPXX (ModBus/BACnet w/relay) Other versions include: GWNVXX (0-5/-10VDC output w/relay) GWN1XX (relay output only) GWNMXX (4-20mA output w/relay)

To maintain accuracy, keep all vents free of dust and debris.

The GWN platform is warranted for a period of 5 years (gas sensor is 2 year warranty).

AG01 - GWN Series carbon monoxide sensors maximize energy savings, while ensuring optimal ventilation. The sensors allow ventilation systems to be controlled by the amount of CO present in a location. The GWN Series detects fluctuations in CO levels, and it signals air systems to provide an inlet of fresh air optimal for the space at a given time. In this manner, the ventilation fan does not need to run continuously, saving energy and reducing maintenance costs. The GWN Series sensor modules enables relay contacts when CO level is above 25ppm or 35 ppm and also when the CO level is above 180ppm. 

AA66 - The AA66 foam gasket kit is used with the GWN series gas platform housing. In some applications, the GWN is installed on a non-standard electrical box (e.g. weatherproof-style electrical box). In these applications, the GWN housing may not provide a proper seal against the box. To improve the fit, install the AA66 foam gasket between the housing and the box. The AA66 includes replacement screws to secure the GWN and gasket to the box.

AGPE -  The AGxE Series is a rugged metal wall mount enclosure for GWNxx and GWNPxx gas sensor platforms.  The AGxE provides a modular solution for applications that require a rugged enclosure along with an integral audible horn and 10A relay for direct fan control.

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